On the move: Indiana CPA Society welcomes 2023-24 scholars

NASBA CEO Ken Bishop addresses its 110th annual meeting

Ken Bishop, president and CEO of the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, announced his plans to retire from his executive role with NASBA, effective July 31, 2024. (Read the full story.) NASBA also announced members of its Board of Directors for 2023-24: Stephanie Saunders as chair; Maria Caldwell as vice chair; Timothy Egan as Northeast regional director; Dan Vuckovich as Mountain regional director and serving on the NASBA Uniform Accountancy Act Committee; D. Boyd Busby as executive director liaison to the NASBA board of directors and appointed as the 2023-24 chair of the NASBA Executive Directors Committee; Laurie Warwick as Middle Atlantic regional director; Barry Berkowitz as director-at-large; Jeannette Smith as Southwest regional director; and Chandra Lalvani as director-at-large. Additionally, NASBA honored three people at its annual meeting: Theodore Long, Jr., a retired partner at Ernst & Young, received the 2023 William H. Van Rensselaer Public Service Award, recognizing individuals who have contributed to the development of a new program, improvement of a current program for the Boards of Accountancy, or who have influenced passage of rules or statutes to strengthen accountancy regulations; Tyrone Dickerson received the 2023 NASBA Distinguished Service Award, honoring individuals who have demonstrated an unswerving commitment and dedication to enhancing the mission of NASBA; and Kent Absec, executive officer of the Idaho State Board of Accountancy, received the 2023 Lorraine P. Sachs Standard of Excellence Award, recognizing a current state board executive or administrator who has shown outstanding service to improve the effectiveness of accounting regulation-on local and national fronts.


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