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‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’s’ Robert Kiyosaki Predicts Collapse Of The US Financial System — ‘We’re At The End Of An Empire. All Empires Always Come To An End’

Emphasizing the importance of financial education and preparedness, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki expressed concerns about the current financial system and societal structures in the U.S. in a YouTube video titled “Robert Kiyosaki Exposes The System That Keeps You Poor & The Downfall of The USA.”

In the video, interviewer Rob Moore asked Kiyosaki, “Is the money system rigged?” Kiyosaki replied, “You want to get me in trouble, don’t you.”

He then elaborated, saying, “We’re at the end of an empire right now. It is the end; it’s the end of this, and all empires always come to an end.”

He provided historical examples to support his viewpoint, mentioning the Roman and Greek empires, and noting that the earliest Chinese civilizations were the first to use paper money. Kiyosaki concludes by asserting that what is being witnessed today is akin to the end of the American Empire, suggesting that this period is fraught with danger.

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He discussed the shift in 1964 when coins in the U.S. changed composition, indicating a deviation from backed currency to fiat currency, which he correlated with the downfall of empires.

Kiyosaki underscored the necessity of financial literacy and preparedness, urging the audience to consider the ramifications of the points he raised. He expressed concern about wealth disparity and its potential fallout, saying, “We are witnessing what could be the end of an empire if we don’t address these issues.” Kiyosaki didn’t predict doomsday but stressed the importance of being financially knowledgeable and flexible in times of uncertainty.

He maintained a balanced approach throughout the video, steering clear of sensationalism and alarmist rhetoric. Instead, Kiyosaki asked viewers to contemplate the economic challenges ahead and strategies for safeguarding their financial futures.

Kiyosaki touched on the role of debt in wealth creation, contrasting the perspectives of average people with those of real estate investors like himself and former President Donald Trump. He pointed out how leveraging debt has facilitated wealth accumulation for some, while others, adhering to traditional financial advice, find themselves struggling.

Addressing global issues, Kiyosaki reflected on the geopolitical tensions and the shifts in the global economic landscape, including the rise of China and the potential consequences of the U.S. losing its status as a dominant economic power.

The video also includes Kiyosaki’s anecdotes and opinions on topics ranging from sports to politics. He emphasized the importance of understanding the changing nature of money and investing in assets like gold and silver instead of relying solely on fiat currency.

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